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Rug Society Foil Rug

Inspired by the adaptability of a foil, FOIL rug is a handmade rug with a geometric and unusual design, ready to make the difference in interior design. A Botanical Silk rug that combines neutral tones in the most engaging way possible, while also combining an unarranged display of geometric shapes and colored intersections, making it stand out.

Rug Society Foil Rug

  • Features

    • 100% Botanical Silk
    • Handtufted
    • Overtufting






    Available in the following sizes:

    200 x 300cm | 78,74” x 118,11” 
    300 x 450cm | 118,11” x 177,17” 
    400 x 600cm | 157,48” x 236,22” 
    600 x 800cm | 236,2” x 314.96”

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