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Untitled 76, Pava Wülfert, 2019


Painting, sculpture, volume, space, sign, gesture, line

color, surface, shape, dot, stroke, sensations.



Pava Wülfert was born in Ibague-Colombia. His work is strongly based in painting, sculpture and installation. Recent practice addresses the painting as an experimental laboratory in which he can explore all his pictorial techniques. His paintings play with combinations of inscriptions, fragment, diversity, heterogeneity, hybridization, mixture, recycling, migration, stains, error and lines as tools for the creation of a new concept of landscape and figure.


Pava Wülfert has had shows in Usa, Denmark, Italy, France, Holland, Spain, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico and Colombia.


Research, reflection, experimentation and analysis are present in my work. I use painting as the main means for the performance of my works, However, I do not understand its language as a pure system. I work the canvas as an experimental laboratory where all pictorial operations are manifested.


Painting has to do with many things: The colors, surfaces, shapes, lines, dots, strokes, gestures, stains and sensations. I emphasize the combination of visual expressions of error, diversity, heterogeneity, multiculturalism, hybridization, mixing, recycling, migration, interculturality, conflict and fragment. These are necessary tools to create a new concept of landscape and form.


Color plays a major role in my work. I place great importance on it because I think we are able to decipher the history of art not only by its contents, themes or concepts, but by its colors. I learn and take references from my closest environment, from the inside of a bus to a cereal box, a shoe store, a TV commercial, a video clip etc. I try to analyze what surrounds me and project it into my work. In a way, it is situating in my contemporary environment.

Right now I am noticing some sweet acid colors in current global society. I also feel we have an infantilized society. I recognize that the colors of my works have that connotation, but are chosen very consciously with respect to the attitudes that I perceive in my surroundings. Are we not before a totally infantilized society? Just look at the social networks emojis, whatsapp symbols, much of the advertising ... showing “life” as a sweet treat. And all that comes with very specific colors, which are the ones that I set and those I use.


I am interested in the exploration of the boundaries within the painting. The canvas is like a field of experimentation, where one person sees crisis another sees opportunity. This game of binomials is reflected in the fabric, the process of painting within the same painting, that's why we see errors, strokes and blots that serve as memory.


I understand painting as a medium capable of representing the needs of working with a creative process as a contemporary method of research and understanding the environment.


Copyright © Pava Wülfert

Untitled 76, Pava Wülfert, 2019

  • Features

    • Abstract Expressionism
    • Arrives rolled in impact-resistant fine art tube



    Acrylic, gesso, on cotton canvas



    Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 3 cm

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