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Boca do Lobo D.Manuel Cabinet

Borrowing the name from the Portuguese king who reigned during Discoveries era, when the maritime route to India and Brasil were explored, the D. Manuel Cabinet is a bridge between old and new, past and future.

This unique cabinet storage is inspired by the manueline style, the Portuguese late Gothic, a style of architectural ornamentation of the first decades of the 16th century, in perfect symbiosis with innovative design and techniques. The body is made from wood and coated in copper leaf, finished with a black lacquer gradient that highlights its imposing architectural lines, causing the same impression as the first glimpse at a great cathedral. Two overlay doors give way to an interior lined in copper that boasts a glass shelf and a set of four drawers. In absolute contrast with the modern body of this statement piece, the legs are carved from solid mahogany and it features a turned twist style, making the D. Manuel a versatile cabinet for either classical rooms or modern environments.

Boca do Lobo D.Manuel Cabinet

  • Features

    • Design inspired by the classic Manueline style
    • Copper leaf finish surface
    • Black lacquer exterior gradient
    • Solid mahogany legs finished in high gloss black lacquer
    • Made in Portugal



    Mahogany Wood, Metal, Copper Leaf


    Dimensions: 43.3" W x 23.6" D x 65" H


    Cleaning & Care

    Dry cloth.


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