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Boca do Lobo Metamorphosis Mirror

The Convex Metamorphosis Mirror is more than just a simple piece of art. It represents a living tribute to the beauty of an uncompromised mindset, breaking creative boundaries and taking Boca do Lobo to unknown territories never explored before. Playing on the concept of evolution, and challenging the notion of beauty, the Convex Metamorphosis Mirror takes a clean form and transforms it into an exceptional piece of luxury furniture.


The Convex Metamorphosis Mirror is made from brass. Its concave shape is achieved through the manual hammering of a brass sheet, coated in a nickel bath. Its exterior ring is kept simple, treated with varnish coats, and polished to achieve reflection. The insects are also cast from brass, and undergo a chemical treatment for finish.

Boca do Lobo Metamorphosis Mirror

  • Features

    • Convex mirror
    • Made in Portugal



    Brass, nickel, mirror 



    Dimensions: 47.2" W x 7.1" D x 47.2" H

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