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Boca Do Lobo Millionaire Safe

Influenced by the California Gold Rush, the Millionaire Safe is a statement piece designed to cause an impression. Built in a Mahogany structure and gold-plated polished brass frame with several dents, it sparks both interest and imagination reminding the vault robbery attempts in the old west. Nestled in a turned brass silver plated gear-wheel mechanism, an imposing safe handle obeys the will of is master through a secret dial lock combination. The overlay door makes room for an open space lined in velvet to keep liquors or other luxury lifestyle items, and a set of lockable drawers and door. Watch winders, shelves, an extra locking system and other features are able to customize.

Boca Do Lobo Millionaire Safe

  • Features

    • Mahogany safe structure
    • Lined with polished brass
    • Turned brass handles and silver-plated wheels
    •  Secret code combination lock
    • Interior set of drawers and door with separate locking system
    • Available in Gold, Stainless Steel, or Black



    Metal, Mahogany Wood



    Dimensions: 31.5" W x 24.8" D x 59.8" H


    Cleaning & Care

    Glass cleaner for the shelves, dry cloth for the lacquered parts and a dry cloth metal cleaner for the handles.


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