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Boca do Lobo Pixel Cabinet

Iconic and unparalleled, the Pixel Cabinet presents a ground-breaking work of pioneering design. This piece carries the dedication and art of those who built it, a variety of traditional production techniques to craft an avant-garde furniture piece that is authentic, joyful and a perfect match for the digital age. Its playful character is captured in shape and color palette, challenging design and finest craftsmanship.

Boca do Lobo Pixel Cabinet

  • Features

    Made out of 1088 triangles, the upper part of the Pixel Cabinet plays with perception and combines exceptional materials with multicolored compositions to give the cabinet a unique, striking design: handmade leaf gilding triangles, 10 different types of wood leafs from palisander to African walnut veneer, and lacquering. Behind its two doors, this bar cabinet surprises with a timeless combination of aged mirror and a diamond quilted blue silk fabric, containing nine interior drawers, each one with its own golden knob. The polished brass base gives Pixel a unique and sophisticated character.

    Available in Multicolor, Green, and Walnut.



    Wood, Mirror, Acrylic, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf.



    Dimensions: 31.5" W x 23.6" D x 64.2" H


    Cleaning & Care

    Glass cleaner for the shelves, dry cloth for the lacquered parts and a dry cloth metal cleaner for the handles.

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