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Boca do Lobo Voltaire Sideboard

A contemporary sideboard enveloped by manually sculptured panels with decorative elements finished in high gloss black lacquer. The statement twist lies on the asymmetrical hand-hammered fitting of a golden polished brass sheet on the right side of the top, and base detail. Four doors carry the sculpted black elements into its interior, opening to a striking bronze mirror on the back, and one glass shelf.


The statement sideboard was conceived to enrich any living space, a masterpiece that carries centuries of history and finest craftsmanship into a contemporary design. Inspired by the French Court’s greatness and splendour of the XVII century, it depicts the architectural and artistic landmarks of the age, alongside, it pays tribute to an era of great thinkers. Known for his ideals of a free and liberal society, Voltaire has become synonymous with the ‘Enlightenment’ due to the philosopher's extraordinary wit, and his deist beliefs, not by faith, but rather by reason.

Boca do Lobo Voltaire Sideboard

  • Features

    • Solid Walnut
    • Hammered brass
    • Hand-carved
    • Available in black lacquer or natural walnut finishes
    • Made in Portugal



    Wood, brass, mirror, glass



    Dimensions: 107" W x  28" D x 38" H

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