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Boca do Lobo D. Dinis Mirror

An ode to one of Portugal's most important kings, D. Dinis was also a poet and a lover of education, having founded the oldest university in Portugal.

D. Dinis Mirror comes from the mindset of seeking the knowledge to recreate a time-honored design through contemporary eyes. Meticulously handcrafted by the most skilled artisans, this accent mirror reinvents the concepts of classic furniture designs. D. Dinis embodies classic Parisian style in its golden detailed frame while capturing glimpses of irreverent and modern features on the surface. Fragmented mirrors burst for unexpected juxtaposition. An imposing antique gold mirror challenges history and cherishes it at the same time, born to be a must-have in any luxury room.

Boca do Lobo D. Dinis Mirror

  • Features

    • Stainless steel and brass detailing on frame
    • Available in surrealist distorted mirror or fragmented beveled mirror 
    • Handcrafted in Portugal



    Wood, stainless steel, brass, mirror



    Dimensions: 64.6" W x 5.9" D x 84.3" H

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