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Ego VI (Disco Romantica), Petra von Kazinyan, 2019

The human ego plays a key role in Petra von Kazinyan’s work. But what is the ego? Surely something different to everyone. An inconsistently used term with contrasting philosophical, psychological, religious and spiritual connotations. For her, the ego is mainly characterized by its openness. An enigmatic projection surface, undefined blank space. It is symbolized by a specific abstract form that once emerged unintentionally through a random brush movement; it then repeatedly appeared in her first abstract paintings and proved to be an integral part of the works.


Petra von Kazinyan lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

After her studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt on the Main, her paintings have been shown in numerous exhibitions and art fairs in Austria and abroad. Recent exhibitions include a solo show in the course of the Venice Biennale 2019, Woman Art Award 2017 in Paris, Art Austria 2016 and Art Beijing 2012.

Oscillating between figuration and abstraction, the German-born artist uses painting as a medium of natural expression, focussing on the concept of identity in a globalized and digital world. Different levels of perception alternate in scenery between dream and reality, past and future.


"Petra von Kazinyan's work reflects our present in many ways. A hundred years ago, in Kandinsky's world, being modern meant craving for absolute perfection; today, being contemporary means hunting for improvement and optimization, excessively and infinitely, without any thinkable final state: in the digital era, the only constant is change." (Jacqueline Mühlbacher, Art historian / Paris, France) 


Copyright © Petra von Kazinyan

Ego VI (Disco Romantica), Petra von Kazinyan, 2019

  • Features

    • Arrives pre-stretched and ready to frame



    Acrylic, lip gloss + liquid chalk on canvas



    Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

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