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Le Ceramiche d'Este Monkey Teapot

Fashioned exclusively by hand in the refined ceramic tradition carried out in the workshop of Girolamo Francine in Este, this exquisite white ceramic teapot depicts a monkey riding on a snake's back. The monkey's curled tail forms the handle of the teapot and the snake, with its open mouth, creates the sinuous neck and spout in a harmonious balance of curves. A functional piece for an elegant afternoon tea with friends, this teapot doubles as a playful decorative accent in a living room on a console or side table.

Le Ceramiche d'Este Monkey Teapot

  • Features

    • Designed by Le Ceramiche d'Este Eligo
    • Whimsical monkey and snake motif
    • Handmade in Italy






    Dimensions: 5.91" W x 5.12" D x 10.24" H

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