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Rug Society Mira Rug

In a cubist language, Mira is the representation of Cleopatra, where life emerges in the form of color, taking us on a journey through the communion of cultures and style. This bespoke rug, hand-tufted in botanical silk, deconstructs classic concepts with solid and simple plans, representing the influence of history in contemporary design.

Rug Society Mira Rug

  • Features

    • Hand-tufted
    • Overtufting
    • Carving
    • Cubist design



    Natural Wool, Botanical Silk



    Available in the following sizes:

    200 x 300cm | 78,74” x 118,11” 
    300 x 450cm | 118,11” x 177,17” 
    400 x 600cm | 157,48” x 236,22” 
    600 x 800cm | 236,2” x 314.96”

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