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Rug Society Terrazzo Rug

Terrazzo, an Italian flooring composite, is one of the biggest current trends in fashion and interior design, thanks to its bespoke and unreplicable look. Rug Society is proud of bringing this craze to the tapestry world with the Terrazzo Rug, one of the most trendy choices guaranteed to bring any ambiance together.

Rug Society Terrazzo Rug

  • Features

    • 100% Botanical Silk
    • Hand-tufted
    • Overtufting



    Botanical Silk



    Available in the following sizes:

    200 x 300cm | 78,74” x 118,11” 
    300 x 450cm | 118,11” x 177,17” 
    400 x 600cm | 157,48” x 236,22” 
    600 x 800cm | 236,2” x 314.96”

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