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Fallen Chandelier by Studio Job

Fallen Chandelier M/ XL is the latest masterpiece of Studio Job produced by Qeeboo, a floor lamp suitable for indoor environments. More than ten years ago Studio Job designed an unforgettable art installation called "Fallen Chandeliers", a series of large lamps scattered over a large field where a royal palace once stood. The building has disappeared and there were only lamps on the lawn. Now Qeeboo transforms this artistic project into a design object. Thanks to the rotational molding technology, the shapes and surfaces are redesigned. Influenced by the classic 19th century Thonet curves, Studio Job infuses this object with a powerful expressive imagination.

Fallen Chandelier by Studio Job

  • Features

    • Made in Italy
    • MicroUSB 
    • Remote-controlled
    • Available in white, black, or powder pink






    Dimensions: 29" H x 35" L x 33" W

    Weight: 7.82 lbs



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