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Plateau Miroir by Studio Job

Miroir is part of a new collection of Studio Job that plays with the icons of history and architecture, rooted in our memory, ranging between East and West.

The precious classic 17th century trays are revived today in an object designed to be out of scale, which takes on new functionality, to be used as a tray or as a decorative wall element.


“A precious 17th century silver tray, historically used as a status symbol, revives as a plastic rotation moulded mirror. Although Miroir can be seen as 21st century silverware, the quality, craftsmanship and detailing are more refined than ever before.” – Job Smeets

Plateau Miroir by Studio Job

  • Features

    • Designed in Belgium
    • By Studio Job
    • Available in Silver and Gold Finishes



    Metallized PE-Polyethylene, Mirror



    Dimensions: 34.3" H x 30" W x 4.1" D

    Shipping dimensions: 44" H x 31.3" W x 5" D

    Weight: 13.2lbs

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